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Henri Matisse - Intérieur, Porte Ouverte
Room-a-loom by Aja Rose Bond on Flickr.
untitled by Mary S. Swanson on Flickr.
Zen Poetry. by Misma Andrews on Flickr.
untitled by eva vermeiren on Flickr.
untitled by KevinLezzoche on Flickr.

Roy Lichtenstein - Brushstroke (1965)

George Minne (Belgian, 1866-1941), Jeune homme, c.1900-1910. Plaster, 81 x 81 x 30 cm.

matthieu raffard


Mark Mizgala - Momento
January 4th-March 23rd, 2014
The digital age is redefining our notion of memory and nostalgia. I propose that photos shared through social media channels are in fact disposable memories. Family photos were once lovingly placed into albums, framed for the mantle or cherished in lockets. Today they are tossed recklessly into cyberspace to be consumed — or disregarded — by friends and strangers alike. The unprecedented number of digital images in the twenty-first century has stripped the photograph of its status: most pictures become visual noise rather than valuable keepsakes. In this work, I dusted coloured pigment on the surface of a vintage photo to depict these changing social patterns: the pop of colour, like the Internet, is seductive but represents transience, alienation and anonymity.Mark Mizgala was born in Montreal in 1963, and graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1987 where he was awarded full scholarship for three consecutive years. In his graduating year he was the recipient of the prestigious OCAD University Medal. After attending the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University, Mark began working in Vancouver as an advertising art director, and went on to win numerous international awards for creative excellence, including Cannes, The New York One Show, Communication Arts Magazine, and Archive Magazine. His work is in collections throughout North America and Europe. Mark is represented in Vancouver by the Winsor Gallery.

Ivan Malerba, 2012, Untitled, watercolor on paper, 20x23 cm

Cedric Morris (British, 1889-1982), Portrait of Lucian Freud. Pen and ink, 17 x 12¾ in.